Policy Development Panel - Open Space Parks Strategy and Development Plan Agenda - 14 November 2014, 09:30 Help

A meeting to be held at The Hub, Vicar Street, Falkirk at 09:30 on 14 November 2014.

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The scope of the Policy Development Panel is to review the Council's 5 year Open Space Strategy agreed in 2010 and the Parks Development Plan by December 2014. As the review of the Parks Development Plan will be considered within the context of the Open Space Strategy it was proposed that the panel review both the Strategy and the Plan and that a consultative draft strategy incorporating the plan is submitted to the meeting on 2 December 2014 for approval.

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) requires Councils to take a strategic and long term approach to managing the open space in their areas, assessing both current and future needs and protecting all spaces which can help to meet them. SPP requires the preparation of an Open Space Strategy to achieve this. The Council's first Open Space Strategy was approved in April 2010 with a 5 year outlook. Accordingly, it is due for review by April 2015.

This is a seminar for external stakeholders arranged under the auspices of the Panel. The purpose of the meeting is to provide stakeholders with presentations including the findings of the 2013 open space audit and accessibility analysis and having discussion on the key strategic choices and a workshop on the content of the Open Space Strategy and Parks Development Plan.

This seminar will be held in public.

The programme for the seminar is attached. View Papers