Policy Development Panel - Falkirk Community Trust Agenda - 22 June 2015, 14:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 14:00 on 22 June 2015.

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The Panel comprises - Councillors Gordon Hughes, Steven Jackson, Craig Martin (Chair), John McLuckie and Malcolm Nicol.

The remit of the panel is to review :-

" the original intention of establishing the Trust and whether those objectives
and expectations have been realised;
" what has been achieved since its establishment in terms of service performance;
" governance, monitoring and relationships with the Trust as a charitable company
limited by guarantee;
" financial performance and risk management issues, and
" where relevant, how other Councils manage their relationships
with similar arm's length independent bodies

This is the second meeting of the Panel. The purpose of the meeting is to provide members of the Panel with context and will cover the following issues:

" Rationale for and objectives of the Trust
" Other options for the ALEO
" Summary of the Trust framework
" Charitable status of the Trust including OSCR guidance and overview
" Conflict of interest

Financial Overview
" Nature of the financial relationship
" Accounting for money paid to the Trust
" Trust financial position - is the Trust financially sound
" Monitoring of financial performance
" Consideration of Council budgetary pressures
" Consideration of risks to the Council e.g. liabilities for borrowings

Performance Overview
" Performance and achievements of the Trust
" Are objectives being achieved?
" How do these objectives fit with Council priorities?
" Monitoring arrangements with the Trust

This meeting will be held in public.