We are working on moving all Council policies from the intranet to the website. If you need information about any policy, please contact the HR Helpdesk.

New format policies


Acting Up Secondments Policy
Capability policy
Casual employment policy
Criminal Convictions Checking Policy
Dignity at Work policy
Disciplinary policy
Disputes policy
Drivers of Council Vehicles - Code of Conduct
Drivers of Non-Council Vehicles - Code of Conduct
Driving at Work policy
Drug and Alcohol Booklet and Form
Drug and alcohol policy
Extra-mural employment policy
Family leave policy (for all employees except teachers)
Family leave policy (for teachers and associated professionals)
Flexible Working policy
Gender Based Violence Policy
Grievance policy
Homeworking policy
Job Evaluation Policy and Procedure
Managing sickness absence policy
Recovery of overpayments policy
Recruitment & Selection Policy [POLICY ONLY See below for appendices]
Rehabilitation and redeployment policy
Relocation policy
Retirement Policy (Teachers)
Retirement Policy
Severance Policy FAQs
Severance Policy
Short Term Supply - Fixed Term Supply Employment for Teachers
Smoking Policy
Temporary employment policy
Time off for trade union duties and activities policy
Travel and subsistence policy
Workforce Planning Framework 2017-18
Workforce Strategy 2016 - 2020

How To's

Recruitment & Selection Policy Appendices

01. Recruitment & Selection Complaints Procedure
02. Job Description Template
03. Person Specification Template
04. Business Case - Replaces Implementation Report
05. Appointment Procedure for Head - Depute Headteacher Posts
06a. Shortlisting Matrix
06b. Shortlisting Analysis Form - individual
07. Recruitment Checklist
08. 3 Step Check & UKVI Requirements
09. Guidance on Employment References
10. Excluded & Exempted Posts from Rehab of Offenders Act
11. Pre-employment disclosure pvg clearance form
12. Interview Assessment Record
13. Interview Scoring Matrix
14a. Letter - Recommendation for employment
14b & c - Offer of Employment
14d. Internal Secondment Letter
15. Letter - Guaranteed Interview Scheme - not shortlisted
Verbal reference form


Adding Disclosure or PVG to ResourceLink
Definition of regulated work
Flexible Retirement Guidance
Guidance for Checking Documents

Health, Safety & Care

These policies, procedures and guidance relate to health and safety in the workplace, and health promotion.

Hardcopies of these documents can be found in your manager's Green Handbook.

Accident and Incident reporting policy
Adverse Weather Guidance
Asbestos policy
Breast Feeding Policy
Driver Medical Check Procedure
Fire Evacuation procedures - Municipal Buildings
Fire Safety at work policy
First aid at work - guidance note
Gas Safety Management Policy
Guide to RIDDOR reporting
Health, safety and care - strategic plan
Health, safety and care policy
Home working guidance for managers
Home working short risk assessment and guidance for employees
Home working short risk assessment and guidance for managers
HSE visit protocol
Infectious Disease Policy
Legionnaires' Disease policy
Lone working policy
Management of Occupational Health Monitoring and Surveillance Policy & Procedure
Management of Violence and Unacceptable Actions

Generic risk assessment

Employee Development

Falkirk Council recognises that the learning and development of employees has a key role to play in ensuring employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver a high quality and cost effective service to the community the Council serves.

The following policies and guidance notes reflect and support our commitment to learning and development:

Confidential reporting

The Council is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability.

In line with that commitment we expect employees and others that we deal with who have serious concerns about any aspect of the Council's work to come forward and voice those concerns. It is recognised that most cases will have to proceed on a confidential basis.

Whistleblowing policy