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Can you help develop booklets for those coming home from hospital?

Outside the Box, work with people who can be marginalised from society. They work closely with a local group, Make it Happen who specialise in development work with the over 50's. You can find further details on the Outside the Box website.

Outside the Box are writing a new booklet "Coming from Hospital" and would like your help. The focus is on developing information with and for older people through informal face to face group discussions.

If you, or someone you are close to, had a hospital stay in the past year Outside the Box would like to hear about what worked for you or your relative or friend, and what else would have helped. 

Outside the Box is also designing a booklet for staff working at hospitals and in other places, to show how they can encourage and help the older people they know and care for.

The booklet will cover things like

  • How to get your home ready for you coming out of hospital
  • How to make changes while you are in hospital, for example, things like better lighting to putting in a new bathroom
  • Staying with someone else for a while
  • Planning a move which is right for you

It will bring together

  • Suggestions from people who have recently come home from hospital
  • Tell what worked well and what they would have done differently
  • Share good practice from workers experiences

If would like to contribute please contact Ciara Maguire ( or Anne Connor ( at Outside the Box 01414 190451