Residents across the Falkirk Council are being reminded that the scheduled Brown Bin collection will be reverting back to its four weekly collection cycle from Sunday 1 October 2017 for the winter period.

Residents can check the new arrangements for their brown bins here and can also download a calendar to their smartphone to set reminders for bin collections dates or for printing out if needed. They can also check the revised Christmas and New Year arrangements.

Councillor Paul Garner, spokesperson for the environment said: “The new Brown Bin collection dates are available online and you can down load the calendar on to your phone and set reminders or print out a calendar from our website 

“It is the first time we have not distributed printed calendars due to the wide spread use of smartphones and the internet but we appreciate that not everyone has online access. We’re suggesting that relatives and neighbours can help here by printing out a copy where needed or you can head to your local library where there is free internet access.

“Not printing the calendar will save us around £40,000 in printing and postage charges.

“It is important to stress that no other changes are being made for the grey caddy, black box, green or blue bin collections.

“Residents can also check the updated Christmas and New Year arrangements for 2017 as well.”

The revised brown bin service will be in place throughout October and November 2017 and an on-demand service will run between December 2017 and February 2018. This was a one year service introduced in 2017 in a previous Council administration.