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Take the Right Route

Commuters are being encouraged to start their day with a ‘pick-me-up’ by taking part in this month’s national Liftshare Week campaign (2 - 8 October).

Liftshare Week is part of a Falkirk Council four-week campaign to promote the positive economic and environmental benefits of sharing vehicles to work.

Some of the benefits lift-sharers can expect include:

  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Reducing traffic
  • Cutting CO2 pollution by half
  • Increasing available parking spaces
  • Reducing the stress of driving alone.

Residents in the local area are able to get involved in the scheme by joining the Tripshare Falkirk website.

Tripshare Falkirk is a free and easy-to-use website which helps local commuters find people to share their car, taxi, cycling or walking journeys with.

Those wanting to travel as individual passengers can also register in exchange for fuel costs.

Councillor Paul Garner, Spokesperson for the Environment, said that “Lift-sharing could save you an average of nearly £1000 a year depending on the length of your journey. It also reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

“Tripshare Falkirk is simple to sign up for, and users know they are making a contribution towards protecting the environment. Join in and visit Tripshare."

Commuters can put their details into Tripshare Falkirk and match with other users who have similar locations, departure-times or work-days.

Over 200 Falkirk Council residents currently use the scheme, and 52% said lift-sharing made their work commutes more fun.