Falkirk Integration Joint Board (IJB) met on Friday 1 December 2017 and approved the redesign of support services for younger adults with disabilities in the Falkirk Area.

Our vision in Falkirk is to enable people to live full and positive lives within supportive communities. The IJB agreed to change how we deliver the service through a mix of enhanced community based provision and increased use of the Dundas Resource Centre and Oswald Avenue.  Through this redesign we will strive to support people with disabilities to improve the opportunities for everyone to have equal access to the services and support they need.  

As part of this change, which we hope to make by summer of next year 2018, two buildings, Bainsford Day Centre and Camelon Cottage will no longer be used to deliver services. Increasingly people will be supported to access resources and activities within the community. We will continue to provide day services from fewer buildings and increase the opportunities for a wider range of activities and support.

We are aware that the change, as well as providing new opportunities, may also cause anxiety in the short term. We want to offer reassurance that we will enable people who need services and their carers to be involved in any decision making about their support. This decision is about improving the services and tailoring what is provided.

We want to work in partnership with people who need services, their carers, representatives and families  to redesign the service.

Since the IJB decision, meetings with carers, service users and families have taken place on 11 and 18 December.

Further meetings will take place in January to discuss the redesign of services, including how we can best work in partnership with you and the person you support. Each person will be offered an individual meeting in the New Year to discuss and review how we meet their support needs.

If you have views on the redesign please get in touch with us at