Provost William Buchanan:

“Over the past week or so, the area has faced some worst weather we have seen in a generation. It has had a massive impact on people in our local communities, stretched the emergency services to their limit and has seen many places cut off and facilities closed for several days.

“Times like these stretches our resilience as a Council as well as everyone else who is involved in providing a response. The way we are able to respond to this kind of crisis has only been possible with the help of our local communities.

“Their efforts to look after neighbours and friends, to help get our schools reopened, to help clear roads and paths has been massive and as Provost I would like to thank every single person who has contributed to this overwhelming response.

"I would also want to highlight the work of our own employees – many of whom have worked day and night to make sure essential services carry on and have sacrificed their home and family lives to ensure others are helped and supported.

“All these efforts show that there is a real sense of community spirit alive in our towns and villages and that people do genuinely care about each other. That is something that we should have immense civic pride in.”