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Pension Scheme - employers advice

This page contains links to forms and guidance notes issued by Falkirk Council Pensions Section for use by scheme employers.

Local Government Pension Scheme: Administration Guide|

Local Government Pension Scheme forms
Forms Form code
(if applicable) 
Opt-in form for employees (PDF, 9KB)| 


Opt-in form for Councillors (PDF, 107KB)| 


Employer Pay File Specification (PDF, 240KB)|


Admission body application form - non profit making bodies (PDF, 63KB)| 


Admission body application form - external providers (PDF, 76KB)| 


Notification of new member (PDF, 156KB)| 


Notification of new Councillor (PDF, 89KB)| 


SPPA Contribution Guidance for 2014-15 (PDF, 51KB)|
Notification of change (PDF, 135KB)| 


Notification of post change (PDF, 127KB)|


Notification of leaver (PDF, 129KB)| 


Notification of Optant Out (PDF, 133KB)|


Permanent ill health certificate (active members) (PDF, 55KB)|


Permanent ill health certificate (deferred beneficiaries post 2009) (PDF, 54KB)|


Permanent ill health certificate (deferred beneficiaries 2008-2009) (PDF, 52KB)|


Permanent ill health certificate (deferred beneficiaries pre 2008) (PDF, 52KB)|


Reduction in Pay Guidance Notes (PDF, 24KB)|
Reduction in Pay Factsheet (PDF, 30KB)|
Strike - Employer Guidance Feb 2014 (PDF, 108KB)|
Strike - Notification form Feb 2014 (MS Excel, 14KB)|
Calculation of final pensionable pay (PDF, 86KB)|


Contribution Return - Employer (MS Excel, 36KB)|


Contribution Return - Employer notes (PDF, 111KB)|

ContReturn Notes

New Firefighters' Pension Scheme forms
Form Form code
Notification of new member (PDF, 93KB)| 


New Police Pension Scheme forms
Form Form code
Notification of new member (PDF, 7KB)| 


The Local Government Pensions Committee is an important source of information. The website can be accessed at www.lge.gov.uk|.

Employers must be aware of any copyright restrictions that may apply to the documents made available from this page.

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