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Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction

The Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Schemes help people on low incomes pay their Rent and Council Tax.

  • Housing Benefit helps people who pay their rent to the Council or to a private landlord or housing association.
  • Council Tax Reduction helps people who are liable to pay their Council Tax bill. It does not cover Water and Waste Water charges.

You may also get Second Adult Reduction if you share your home with another adult (not your partner or civil partner) who is unable to pay towards the Council Tax.

If you are unsure about whether you can claim, please read the information on who can claim and who can't claim.

Do you know that you can still get help even if you are in work?

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction can be paid to people who are working and earning.

Almost everyone can be better off in work receiving in-work help such as Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction and Working Tax Credit.

The Government is currently reforming the Welfare Benefits that are paid to working age claimaints. Details of these changes and how they may affect you can be found on our Welfare Reforms pages|.

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