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Litter facts: types of litter

When we carry out cleanliness surveys across the Council area, we routinely record the presence of the four most commonly found types of litter in the UK. These are:

  • smoking-related litter - cigarette ends, boxes and wrappers, matches and lighters
  • drinks related litter - plastic and glass bottles, cans, ring pulls and straws
  • sweet wrappers - including crisp bags
  • fast food litter - pizza boxes, fish & chip wrappers, plastic cutlery, sandwich boxes, paper bags and discarded food.

The last three can be broadly grouped together under the heading ‘food on the go’, or food-related litter - one of the biggest (and growing) problems we face in our local communities.

Other types of litter include chewing gum, other food waste (e.g. banana skins), and litter ‘nasties’ such as syringes, sanitary waste and condoms.

Dog fouling

Dog faeces is not actually defined as litter, as it is not actually caused by people!

However it is one of the main social concerns that the community brings to our attention and it is the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their dogs.

Further information is available on the Dog fouling| pages.

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