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Are you ready?

Starting in May 2014, the way we collect your household waste is going to change. The changes to the green bin collection frequency will be rolled out in stages across the Falkirk Council area.

The new service will involve household green bin collections moving from every two to every three weeks in the communities of:

  • Airth
  • Bo'ness
  • Carron
  • Carronshore
  • Larbert
  • Letham
  • Stenhousemuir
  • Torwood

We need you to get ready by recycling the right materials right now. This means using your kerbside recycling containers to recycle as much of your waste as possible. You will continue to have a weekly food waste collection and a recycling collection for your blue bin, brown bin, black box and textile bag every two weeks. Only your green bin is moving to every three weeks.

Container Materials Collection
Grey Caddy Food Waste Every week
Blue Bin Paper, Metal, Cardboard, Plastic Containers Every 2 weeks
Black Box Glass Bottles and Jars, Household Batteries, Small Electrical Items Every 2 weeks
Textile Bag Clothing, Other Textiles & Shoes Every 2 weeks
Brown Bin Garden Waste Every 2 weeks
(On-demand service in winter months)
Green Bin Non-Recyclable Items Every 3 weeks

Before the new service starts in your area, each household will receive detailed information.

The information provided will give you the necessary information about your collection days and the materials that should go into each container.

Why are we changing the green bin collection frequency?

There have been changes made to Scotland's waste policy that means that all councils in Scotland need to do more to tackle waste.

Last year, we spent £2.5 million on landfill tax to dispose of nearly 18,000 tonnes of recyclable material that could have been recycled. The cost will continue to rise if we don't reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Before the new service starts, we will visit the communities involved in the first roll out to provide more information about your collection days and help you understand the materials that should go into each container.

Public Information Events April 2014

Where Date Time
Asda, Stenhousemuir Thursday 03 April


Falkirk Farmer's Market, High Street, Falkirk Friday 04 April


Letham Playing Field, Letham Wednesday 09 April


Airth Community Centre, Airth Wednesday 09 April


Market Square, Bo'ness Saturday 12 April


Torwood Garden Centre, Larbert Tuesday 15 April


Dobbie Hall, Larbert Wednesday 16 April


Co-op, Carron Thursday 17 April


Carronshore Community Centre, Carronshore Thursday 17 April


Lidl, Bo'ness Friday 18 April


Tesco, Bo'ness Tuesday 22 April


Stenhousemuir Shopping Centre, Stenhousemuir Saturday 26 April


Kinneil House, Bo'ness Sunday 27 April


Sainsbury's, Kinnaird Village Wednesday 30 April


Public Information Events May 2014

Where Date Time
Asda, Stenhousemuir Thursday 01 May


Spar Store, Bo'ness Tuesday 06 May


Asda, Stenhousemuir Thursday 08 May


Co-op, New Carron Village Friday 09 May


Drumpark Avenue Shops, Bo'ness Friday 09 May


Lidl, Bo'ness Tuesday 13 May


Dobbie Hall, Larbert Wednesday 14 May


Callander House, Falkirk Saturday 17 May


Co-op, Bo'ness Thursday 22 May


Co-op, New Carron Village Friday 23 May


Victorian Street Fair, Bo'ness Town Centre Saturday 24 May


Torwood Garden Centre, Larbert Tuesday 27 May


Frequently asked questions

Will the collection frequency for my recycling containers change?

No. The collection option, selected by members on 11 December 2013, only changed the frequency of the green bin from every two weeks to every three weeks. Your food waste caddy will continue to be collected weekly, and your blue bin, brown bin and black box / textiles will continue to be collected every two weeks.

When will the service start?

The new service will start on 12 May 2014 in Airth, Carron, Carronshore, Larbert, Stenhousemuir, Torwood and parts of Bo'ness. Before the new service starts in your area, there will be a communication campaign which will provide the necessary information you will need for your collection days and the materials that should go into each container.

My blue bin is not big enough?

Larger blue bins are available free of charge to help you recycle more. If you need a larger blue bin, please let us know and we will deliver one to your home.

Can I have a larger green bin?

The green bin is only for materials that cannot be recycled. Households who request a larger green bin must demonstrate they are actively participating in all of the kerbside recycling schemes. You will be asked to complete a waste diary and audit before a request for a larger container is granted.

Special provision for some householders will be made eg if there is a medical requirement. These provisions will be considered on an individual basis.

Do I have to use the food waste recycling collection?

A recent review of the contents of a typical household green bin showed that 32% was food waste which indicates that using the food waste recycling collection would increase the space in your green bin for non-recyclable items. If you wish to use the food waste recycling collection, please contact the recycling helpline on 01324 504444 to request the food waste caddies.

What can I do now?

We need you to use all the available kerbside recycling containers to recycle as much of your waste as possible. This will reduce the amount of material contained in the green bin, which is only for non-recyclable items. The recycling guide on the Council website provides up to date information on the right materials for the right containers.

How can I order food waste recycling caddies or black boxes?

To help you recycle more, you can request additional and replacement food waste recycling caddies and black boxes by contacting the recycling helpline on 01324 504444. These are available free of charge.

I live in a flat, what will happen?

There will also be some properties, such as high rise flats, that will not be included in the change in the green bin collection from every two weeks to every three weeks. Should any change to your collection be likely, this will be communicated in advance by the Council.

To help you recycle more, additional recycling containers, including food caddies, larger blue bins, black boxes and textile sacks are all available free of charge.

For more information on how to recycle using your kerbside recycling service, please contact us on 01324 504444 or email zerowaste@falkirk.gov.uk|.

To find out more about the Falkirk Council area's Zero Waste Journey, you can read our Zero Waste Plan (PDF, 2MB).|

You can also visit Zero Waste Scotland| or read the Zero Waste Plan|.

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