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Homespot is Falkirk Council's choice based way of letting homes. Homes available for let are advertised and applicants can decide which homes they wish to be considered for.

We have recently upgraded our system. Instructions on how to access Homespot to make bids can be found in the Homespot guide (PDF, 293KB)|.

Allocations Policy Review

We are looking to review our allocations policy.

The policy is a set of guidelines that tells you how we will allocate empty houses. The current policy (PDF, 268KB)| is four years old and we want to make sure that it continues to meet local housing needs.

Your views will be used to help shape the new policy so please take a few minutes to answer the Allocation Policy Survey|.

Applicants will only able to bid for properties advertised for their applicant group

Since 10 October 2012 you will only be able to bid for properties that are advertised for the applicant group that you are in. For example, if you are a Home Seeker applicant you will only be able to bid for properties advertised for Home Seekers. The same applies to Home Movers and Home Starters.

Properties that have been adapted and would previously have been advertised for "All" Groups will now be advertised as "Adapted" properties. All applicants with a medical recommendation ie an "M" after their Band of priority, will be able to bid for these properties irrespective of whether they are a Seeker, Mover or Starter.

Home Seekers that are not bidding for properties

If you are a Home Seeker with Band 1 priority and you have not been actively bidding for properties you will be made one offer of housing out with Homespot ie we will directly match you to a property. If you refuse this offer of housing your priority for homelessness will be removed as the Council will have discharged its duty to you in terms of homeless legislation. Your application group will change from Home Seeker to Home Starter and your housing situation will be reassessed. If you are living in temporary accommodation provided by the Council, you will have to leave this.

Home Starters with Band 1 priority for threatened with homelessness

All applicants that have been awarded Home Starter Band 1 priority because they are threatened with homelessness within the next 2 months will change to Home Seekers with band 1 priority with effect from the original date of award.

Housing Application: Re-registration

We have started to write to all applicants on the Housing Register to find out if they want to stay on the housing list and to make sure that the information we hold about each applicant is correct.

We are writing to applicants on a phased basis according to their month of application. For example, all applicants with an October date of application (excluding October 2011) should receive a letter from us within the next week asking them to re-register.  Applicants will have 28 days to reply.

A rolling programme of re-registration will then continue on a monthly basis. 

If you have any questions about this please contact your local One Stop Shop/Neighbourhood Office or the Accommodation Resource Centre.

internal link Access Homespot|

There are a number of ways in which applicants can bid for a property:  

Once applicants have registered| and activated their Homespot Account, they can view and bid for all available properties via Homespot. 

Applicants can view available properties in the Homespot newsletter which are available throughout the Council area ie at the Accommodation Resource Centre (ARC), Neighbourhood Offices/One Stop Shops|, local supported accommodation projects, libraries and in housing association partners' offices.

More information is available in the Homespot newsletter (PDF, 639KB)|.

If an applicant sees a property that they like they can bid for it. A bid lets us know they are interested in a particular property and would like to be considered for it. It does not mean that they will have to part with any money.

For further information please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions|.

Change of circumstance

It is important that you let us know about any changes in your situation that may affect your application for housing eg if you move to another address or if there is a change in your family size. 

You can download the change of circumstance form (PDF, 16KB)|, fill it in and send it to, or hand it into, one of our Neighbourhood Offices/One Stop Shops| or the Accommodation Resource Centre.