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Services that deal with antisocial behaviour

Falkirk Council offers a range of services to deal with all types of antisocial behaviour within your area.

Community Safety Team

The aim of the Community Safety Team is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area they live in. The team regularly patrols the Falkirk Council area to ensure that people can live quietly and peacefully in their neighbourhoods without fear of crime, annoyance or abuse.

The Community Safety Team has responsibility for issuing fixed penalty notices and warnings for dog fouling, litter and fly tipping. They are also responsible for the reduction of antisocial behaviour; mainly through preventing graffiti, vandalism and fear of crime.

The team has also developed close links with communities, aiming to promote the Falkirk area as a safe and attractive place to live, work, shop and visit.

Please visit our Community safety pages| for more information and contact details.

Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict resolution services are designed to improve the quality of life for people living in communities throughout the Falkirk Council area. Two specialist services are available to offer support and advice to people who are having problems and difficulties with neighbours and to help neighbours to resolve their issues:

  • Mediation Service: gives people the opportunity to resolve disputes with the help of professionally trained mediators.
  • FIRST Team (Falkirk Investigation, Response and Support Team): a specialist team of officers within Housing Services set up to tackle serious antisocial behaviour.

Please visit our Conflict Resolution pages| for more information and contact details.

Detached youth work

The Detached Youth Team works with young people who are at risk of exclusion through antisocial behaviour.

Please visit our Detached Youth Team page| for more information.

Noise Control

Noise can be defined as unwanted sound. It can be a source of irritation and annoyance and can interfere with peaceful enjoyment of one's home.

Please visit our Noise Control page| for more information.

Support services

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