We collect information on our performance for two reasons:

  • So we know how we are doing and can improve what we do
  • To keep us accountable to the people of the Falkirk Council area and others with an interest in the Council

Our statutory performance

Information is available for all councils in Scotland so you can see how we are doing.

Our performance indicators

These reports contain indicators have been selected to meet Audit Scotland's requirements for councils to report on their performance.

The Local Government Act 1992 requires the council to publish performance information for its main services each year. We aim to provide our citizens with information on the following areas and services:

Statutory Performance Indicators 1

  • Responsiveness to communities
  • Revenues and service costs
  • Employees
  • Assets
  • Procurement
  • Sustainable development
  • Equalities and diversity

Statutory Performance Indicators 2

  • Benefits administration
  • Community care
  • Criminal justice and social work
  • Cultural and community services (such as sport & leisure, libraries and museums)
  • Planning
  • The education of children
  • Child protection & children's social work
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Protective services (Environmental Health and Trading Standards)
  • Roads and lighting
  • Waste management
Annual Performance Report 2015-16
Council performance information 2014-15
Council performance information 2013-14
Council performance information 2012-13
Council performance information 2011-12

Our own performance

All Council services produce annual service plans setting out their plans, priorities and performance in detail. Progress against these reports is monitored and reported to elected members on a regular basis. Annual performance information for each service is set out in their performance statement. We also submit regular performance reports to elected members through the Performance Panel. This allows members to scrutinise Council performance.

Children’s Services Performance Update – April 2018
Corporate and Housing Services Performance Update - June 2018
Development Services Update - February 2018
Social Work Adult Services Performance Update - February 2017

How others judge our performance

Wwe are regularly scrutinised by external agencies such as Audit Scotland and external auditors. Access the most recent audits and inspection of the council below.

Assurance and Improvement Plan 2014-17

Our citizens panel

The citizens panel helps us listen and respond to your views.

The panel is made up of more than 1000 local people who have volunteered to respond to three or four surveys each year. The surveys provide feedback on our services, as well as information about the needs of local communities and other issues. This information helps us improve our services and make sure we are meeting the needs of our local communities.

We publish the findings of the panel on our website and in Falkirk Council News

How we measure up

We are committed to improving services for our communities. To do that, we know that we need to understand our own performance, and how that compares with others. The Local Government Benchmarking Framework is based on 60 indicators across major service areas delivered by all 32 councils in Scotland. Each indicator is collected so it can be compared across all Councils. Find out how we are performing on the Local Government Benchmarking website.

Complaints Annual Report

The Council is required by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to report on its performance in handling complaints. This report is published annually and shows how the Council performed against a set of key performance indicators developed by the SPSO.

Complaints Annual Report 2016-17
Complaints Annual Report 2015-16
Complaints Annual Report 2014-15

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman investigations

There are very occasionally times when members of the public feel we don't perform as we should do. Reports from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman relating to Falkirk Council can be found on the SPSO website.

Contact us

If you have a specific interest in a particular aspect of the performance of Falkirk Council, or the services of the Council, please contact us so we can give you further information.