Service overview

Our Asset Management service manages our property portfolio which includes both operational Council buildings and non-operational commercial properties for businesses. Our priorities include ensuring our property portfolio continues to provide good quality business space suitable for the needs of business users and continuing to work with our other services to identify and secure efficiencies from the operational property portfolio.

What we know affects performance

The current condition of the economy provides specific challenges with its impact on the property market and the financial challenges of diminishing public sector budgets. Reduced property values and lack of developer / investor confidence is currently having an adverse impact on property led projects, including key regeneration and development schemes.

Brief local profile

We currently have 304 operational properties used to deliver Council Services. This extends to circa 377,767 sq m with a total value of circa £451m, as detailed within our Finance Asset Register at 3l March 2015.

Link to corporate community plan/priorities/national priorities

Asset Management is an important element of our policies and assists delivery of our service objectives. It plays a vital role in helping us address the pressures we are experiencing to reduce expenditure and direct resources towards the maintenance of frontline services. Best value is a critical driver to effective management and stewardship of our assets. The requirement to secure best value further emphasises the need to be seen to manage assets effectively.

Council Performance

Proportion of internal floor area of operational buildings in satisfactory condition

This indicator measures the percentage of gross internal floor area (m2) of operational buildings, using the condition categories as specified in the Federation of Property Societies (FPS) asset management indicators.

Our performance has continued to improve and for the period 2014/15 was at 86.59%. This improved our ranking to now position us 16th in Scotland. The Scottish average for this period is 82.92%. It is estimated that £35.5m of maintenance is required to bring all council buildings into a good or satisfactory condition.

Proportion of operational buildings that are suitable for their current use

The indicator reflects on the extent to which buildings are suitable for their use and the delivery of services. The measurement of suitability requires that properties meet any statutory requirements (including health & safety requirements) as well as the operational requirements of the service.

Our performance has continued to improve and for the period 2014/15 was at 90.79%. This increase did not affect our ranking as 4th in Scotland. The Scottish average for this period is 79%.

Explanation for variation in performance

Overall the suitability and condition of the portfolio is continuing to improve in part due to the new schools. As the portfolio ages, further substantial improvements can only be achieved through continued use of good practices, asset disposal, refurbishment or replacement projects.

What the Council is doing to improve services

Our Corporate Asset Management Strategy and Property Asset Management Plan set out how we will ensure that our property assets contribute effectively to service delivery in terms of being fit for purpose, suitable and sustainable.