A local government by-election will be held in the Bonnybridge and Larbert Ward of Falkirk Council on Thursday 15 February 2018. One Councillor will be elected.

Voting will take place from 7am until the close of poll at 10pm. Counting of the votes will take place after the close of poll at the Municipal Buildings, Falkirk.

How to vote

This by-election is for residents of the Bonnybridge and Larbert Ward only. To be able to vote in this by-election, eligible residents must be registered to vote by 12 midnight on Tuesday 30 January 2018.

Publication of notices

The following Notices are hereby published:

Notice of Poll
Notice of Appointment of Election Agents
Notice of Situation of Polling Places

Notice of By-election

The Notice of By-election for the Bonnybridge and Larbert Ward is hereby published, providing details of the arrangements for submission of nomination papers, including dates, times and location, as well as information regarding postal and proxy voting. Further details are available from the Election Office.

Notice of By-election