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Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

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Contact details, documents and information available on this page are intended for young people in the Falkirk area. 

If you study elsewhere in the UK please see our Related Links section for the website relevant to your area. 

Education Maintenance Allowance provides financial support for 16 to 19 year olds from low-income families who are attending non-advanced full-time education in school, college, community or voluntary provision, or those who are home educated. The aim is to increase participation and retention in post-compulsory education for this group.

External Link EMA application request form|

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We publish regular EMA news and updates, including session deadline reminders to payment dates through our Falkirk EMA Glow blog|.

Please note that for Data Protection reasons, EMA section, schools and the Activity Agreement centre are only able to discuss certain matters with the EMA young person and not their parent/carer/advisor. These include individual award amounts, confirmation of payment or reasons for withheld payment.

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This information is given as a general guide and should not be regarded as a statement of statutory position or Council policy. Further information may be available from EMA Scotland| or by contacting us.

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