Biodiversity is the whole variety of life on earth, from the tiniest bug to the mightiest tree, and includes every living plant and animal. It is vital to keep the diversity of life on the planet as abundant and diverse as possible for our health and prosperity, and for future generations.

Falkirk Area Biodiversity Action Plan

Falkirk Council and numerous local organisations, groups and individuals are working together to protect and enhance the biodiversity of the Falkirk Council area. The Falkirk Area Biodiversity Action Plan 2011 2014 has been prepared to focus and inspire local action to conserve and manage our wildlife.

Biodiversity Action Plan 2011-2014

Actions indentified in this plan:

  • conserve our rare and threatened plants, animals and habitats
  • encourage, inspire and enable all local groups and individuals to take action to conserve their local biodiversity
  • promote awareness and understanding of biodiversity, its importance for local and global communities, and our responsibility to conserve it and use it wisely.

Biodiversity Duty Report

We have a legal duty to protect and conserve biodiversity and we must report how we have done this. The Biodiversity duty reports below detail this for the periods 2011-2014 and 2015-2017.

Biodiversity Duty Report - 2015 to 2017
Biodiversity Duty Report - 2011 to 2014

Biodiversity and development

Development of all kinds can put pressure on our natural environment. However development and biodiversity conservation need not be mutually exclusive and can work together. Advice to assist developers to meet the Council's biodiversity objectives is given in supplementary guidance:

Biodiversity and Development SPG

Biodiversity audit

To safeguard our local biodiversity we have to know which plants, animals and habitats can be found locally and whether they need action to conserve them.

'The Biodiversity of Falkirk: an assessment of priority habitats and species' was produced in April 2000 and looks at over 250 different habitats, plants and animals that occur in the Falkirk Council area. For each of these habitats and species a brief statement about its local extent and significance is provided, as well as an indication of the main threats to it.

More information can be found in The Biodiversity of Falkirk Audit:

The Biodiversity of Falkirk Audit

News and events

There is lots going on in the Falkirk area to help conserve our local biodiversity. You can download our biodiversity newsletter below:

Biodiversity newsletter vol 18 - autumn 2016
Biodiversity newsletter vol 17 - winter 2015
Biodiversity newsletter vol 16 - summer 2014
Biodiversity newsletter vol 15 - winter 2013
Biodiversity newsletter vol 14 - winter 2012
Biodiversity newsletter vol 13 - winter 2011
Biodiversity newsletter vol 12 - spring 2011
Biodiversity newsletter vol 11 - summer 2010