What is climate change?

Climate change is when traditional weather patterns change significantly. Climate change can make the planet warm up as well as cool down and can change the environment around us.

The main problem with climate change is that the delicate systems which make up the planet's ecosystems cannot adapt quickly to major changes in the weather.

Significant warming and droughts can dry out the soil in which farmers plant their crops. This could affect planting and harvesting and make it harder to produce good quality crops in high numbers. Increased rainfall caused by warmer air can result in soil being easily displaced and this could result in mudslides. If a mudslide was to happen near major transport links, roads and rail services could be severely disrupted.

What is Falkirk Council doing about climate change?

The Sustainable Development & Climate Change Strategy 2012 – 2017 sets out how we, as a council are tackling climate change:

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Strategy 2012-2017

We will tackle climate change by partnering local community groups, community planning partners and the private sector. Together we will carry out 100 actions as described in the Sustainable Development & Climate Change Action Plan 2013-15:

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Action Plan 2013-15

Our progress on the plan will be published each year.

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