The Adaptation Framework aims to help Scotland's communities adapt and prepare for the impact of climate change.

The Adaptation Framework aims to:

  • Improve understanding of the consequences of climate change and the challenges and opportunities it presents
  • Provide the skills and tools needed to adapt to changing climates
  • Address climate change issues by incorporating adaptation into wider regulation and public policy

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Adapting the Falkirk Area

The Local Climate Impact Profile (LCLIP) looks at the impact severe weather had on the Falkirk Council area over a ten year period.

Local Climate Impact Profile

By using expected climate changes we can determine what kind of weather events are likely to happen and how this will affect the local area. To make sure our communities are safe and can still function in the event of severe weather, we and our communities must adapt our environment to secure homes and businesses.

This is done by carrying out a review of the Falkirk Council area and those at risk if severe weather hits the area.