If you would like to store your vehicle overnight, we have a number of garage sites and lock-up garages for rent throughout the Falkirk Council area.

A garage site is a piece of land you can rent from us for a yearly charge. We can give you permission to build a garage on the land. If you are offered a garage site, the person who previously rented the site may offer to sell you the garage they built on it.

Lock-up garages are garages owned by us which you can rent. We will charge rent every two weeks for these.

There are waiting lists for garage sites and lock-ups. When a garage site or lock-up becomes available, we will usually offer them to the person who has been waiting the longest.

If you are a home owner or private tenant, you will only be considered for a garage site or lock-up if there are no council tenants on the waiting list.

If you wish to give up your site or lock-up, you must give us 28 days notice.

We regularly inspect garage sites and lock-ups.

For more information on where our garage sites and lock-ups are located, and to get an application form, please contact your local One Stop Shop/Advice and Support Hub.