What is factoring? Factoring can be where:

  • the shared parts of two or more residential properties are managed and maintained for you by us, a registered social landlord or land maintenance company
  • common land owned by two or more people is managed or maintained by a land maintenance company.

A factor can provide services to inspect and maintain common parts. This includes liaising with owners, organising necessary works, and administration of bills and payments.

If you are affected by factoring

The Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 applies to homeowners who get property management and maintenance services from us, a Registered Social Landlord or a land maintenance company. It requires that:

Falkirk Council factoring

You are affected by factoring if you own an ex-Falkirk Council property within any of the following high rise blocks:

  • Belmont Tower
  • Breton Court
  • Corentin Court
  • Eastburn Tower
  • Leishman Tower
  • Marshall Tower
  • Maxwell Tower
  • Parkfoot Court
  • Paterson Tower
  • Symon Tower

Statement of Services were sent to all homeowners who receive factoring service from us in September 2013. In March 2015, an updated Statement of Services was issued to all factored owners. Updated copies have been issued since then detailing contact information and fees changes. The current Written Statement of Services, issued December 2016, can be accessed below:

Specimen Written Statement of Services

If you have recently bought a property in one of the blocks listed and do not have a Statement of Services, please contact us.

(Falkirk Council's property factor registered number: PF000365)

Non Falkirk Council factoring

Homeowners receiving any other factoring services should contact their Housing Association, Factor or Land Maintenance Company directly.

If you are not sure what services you receive, you can get independent advice.

Co-owner repairs

If you own an ex-Falkirk Council property in any other block, communal repairs can be arranged by any co-owner. This is not covered by factoring, for further information see common repairs.

The above is intended as a guide only and is not to be treated as a substitute for legal advice.

Contact us:

For information or advice please contact your local One Stop Shop/Advice and Support Hub.

Further information:

Debt Recovery Procedure
Specimen Written Statement of Services

If you wish to make a complaint, please use our complaints form.