You will need a licence if you are selling, offering to sell or carrying out a service paid for by any person in a public place. This includes selling from a vehicle such as an ice cream van or burger van, kiosk or a moveable stall. Each person who intends to trade will need a licence.

You don't need a licence to:

  • sell newspapers
  • sell milk (registered persons only)
  • sell coal, coke or solid fuel
  • collect on behalf of a charity
  • if you have a Pedlars certificate

If you intend to sell food from your vehicle, kiosk or moveable stall it will need to be inspected to ensure that it complies with food hygiene legislation.

Our policy relating to street trading does not allow you to trade in the vicinity of schools. This restriction relates to term time only.

How to apply

We're working towards an online application process and reviewing our forms and guidance notes. To apply for a licence, please contact us.

Licensing Section
District Court Offices
Municipal Buildings, West Bridge Street
01324 501575