Unison Kinneil Band

Procession details

Expected number of marchers 25 to 30
Proposed date of procession Thursday, 29th June 2017

Proposed route

Depart from Baker Street at 7:30pm, onto George Street. Bus to Gauze Road entrance to Kinglass Drive, exit bus, and form up in Kinglass Drive and proceed to the home of Queen Elect return to Gauze Road and onto bus to bus terminal at Dawson Place, exit bus, onto Baptie Place to the home of the Champion, then via path linking Baptie Place to Liddle Drive to the home of Sceptre Bearer, continue through Liddle Drive to Crawfield Road and onto bus, onto Corbie Hall, exit bus at Salvation Army hall in Corbiehall, proceed west to Avon Place to the home of Fairy, onto bus and proceed to the west end of Livingston Drive and exit bus, onto Kinneil Bowling Club, reassemble in Castlehill (cul-de-sac of Amulree Place)onto Deanfield Road heading east, walk through the cemetery and reassemble in Dundas Street, onto the band hall.

Notice details

Status Occurred
Reference Number 17-64
Notification date Friday, 2nd June 2017
Deadline date for comments Thursday, 22nd June 2017

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