To work as a taxi driver in the Falkirk Council area, either employed or self-employed, you need a licence. A taxi driver licence allows you to drive a taxi or private hire car.

If you wish to operate a vehicle as a taxi or private hire car, a separate licence known as a taxi operator licence or a private hire car operator licence is required.

If you are applying for a new taxi driver licence the licence will be granted for a period of 1 year.

If you are applying to renew a taxi driver licence you have the choice of applying for a 1 or a 3 year licence.

How to Apply

The following taxi driver licence application forms are available for download:

New Taxi Driver Licence application form
Renewal of Taxi Driver Licence application form

You can also get an application form by contacting us directly:

Licensing Section
District Court Offices
Municipal Buildings, West Bridge Street
01324 501575