Towards a Fairer Falkirk is our Poverty Strategy and it aims to reduce poverty and its impact on individuals and communities in our area.

We want to reduce the inequalities between the wealthiest and poorest in our communities and our strategy tackles both the causes of poverty and limits the impacts of poverty. A stronger emphasis is placed on combating the causes of poverty.

In terms of tackling the root causes of poverty, our key aims are to:

  • Maximise the number of people in better paid, secure employment
  • Reduce levels of debt across the population and maximise the income of households who rely on benefits
  • Increase the financial choices available to our population and increase people's understanding of the consequences of financial choices

Additional information relating to financial advice is available on the following pages:

You can find out more about Towards a Fairer Falkirk by reading:

Summary of Towards a Fairer Falkirk
Towards a Fairer Falkirk

Our strategy places an emphasis on equality.