We are preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP) for the Council area. This will replace the current Local Development Plan which was adopted in July 2015. The new plan, LDP2, will guide the future development of the Falkirk Council area in the period 2020-2040. Our Development Plan Scheme sets out the timetable for LDP2 and how we will involve the public in the process.

Development Plan Scheme

Main Issues Report

As the first key stage in the preparation of the new Local Development Plan, we have published a Main Issues Report (MIR). The MIR identifies the key development and land use issues facing the area, and sets out our preferred options for tackling these issues, including preferred new sites for future development, along with other reasonable alternatives.

Public consultation on the Main Issues Report ended 5 May 2017. Although the document identifies preferred options, these do not yet represent the final view of the Council on what should be included in LDP2. The outcome of the consultation will help us to prepare the Proposed Plan later in 2017, which will then be subject to further consultation.

You can read the Main Issues Report below and view the schedule of sites within the Main Issues Report on our interactive map. Alternatively, a hard copy is available for inspection at libraries, One Stop Shops and at Abbotsford House. Copies may be purchased for £10 (+ £2.50 p&p) from Development Services.

Main Issues Report February 2017

A summary of the content of the MIR can also be found in the latest Development Plan Newsletter.

Development plan newsletter

What happens next?

The Council will consider all the comments received during the consultation on the Main Issues Report before producing the Proposed Plan, at which point the Council fixes its view on development policies and proposals. There will be an opportunity to object to the Proposed Plan and an Examination into unresolved objections, prior to the final adoption of the Local Development Plan. The table below summarises the programme and what each stage involves.

Stage When What happens?
Pre-Main Issues Report October 2015- October 2016 Consultation on issues the plan should address & Call for Sites(complete)
Council collect and consider evidence
Main Issues Report February 2017 MIR published identifying issues and showing preferred options for development, and alternatives
Major public consultation
Proposed Plan May 2018 Proposed Plan published showing the Council’s settled view as to the vision, strategy, policies and proposals to be included in the final plan
Opportunity to submit representations
Submission to Scottish Government April 2019 Proposed Plan submitted to Scottish Ministers along with unresolved representations
Examination April 2019 – January 2020 Examination of unresolved issues by Scottish Government Reporters
Adoption May 2020