Proposed Action Programme

The Proposed Action Programme identifies the actions, timescale and agencies required to deliver LDP2.

LDP2 Proposed Action Programme

Technical reports

Technical Report 1 Monitoring Statement
Technical Report 2 (Revised) Site Assessment
Technical Report 3 (Revised) Housing and Settlement Growth Options
Technical Report 4 (Revised) Strategic Constraints
Technical Report 5 (Revised) Transport Appraisal
Technical Report 6 (Revised) Employment Land
Technical Report 7 Retail & Town Centres
Technical Report 8 (Revised) Green Network
Technical Report 9 Pre MIR Consultation Summary Report

Habitat Regulations Appraisal

HRA Regulations Appraisal Record
HRA compliance statement

Consultation reports

Report of Consultation 2017

Response to MIR representations

Response to MIR Representations alphabetical order

Response to MIR representations received by issue:

Vision responses
Making Better Places responses
Green Network responses
HousingTargets and Requirements
Existing Housing Land Supply responses
Sustainable Community Growth responses
Business Locations responses
Town Centres responses
Tourism responses
Infrastructure responses
Energy responses
Onshore Gas Minerals and Waste responses