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How much mobility am I entitled to?

From April 2012, the weekly rates are:

  • lower rate £20.55
  • higher rate £54.05

Disability tests

The mobility component has two rates, a lower rate and a higher rate.

Lower rate

You may qualify for the lower rate if you can walk but need someone with you to:

  • make sure you are safe
  • show you the way in unfamiliar places

If the reason you need someone with you is because you are afraid or anxious, the fear or anxiety must be a symptom of a mental disability.

Higher rate

You may qualify for the higher rate if:

  • you cannot walk at all or are virtually unable to walk
  • the effort of walking could be dangerous for you
  • you have had both legs amputated above the ankle or through the ankle or were born without legs or feet
  • you are deaf and blind and need someone with you outdoors. You don't have to be totally deaf and blind, but must have a large amount of hearing and sight loss
  • you are severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and get highest rate DLA care component.

Virtually unable to walk

Many of the people who get higher rate mobility component can walk but their walking is so limited that they are in a similar position to someone who cannot walk at all.

Four factors are taken into account when deciding if you are virtually unable to walk:

  • distance
  • speed - compared to someone with no walking difficulties
  • time - to walk a certain distance
  • manner - eg limping, shuffling, etc.

Walking that gives rise to severe discomfort is ignored. For example, you may be able to walk 40 yards without too much discomfort, but as you continue it gets worse until you are forced to stop.

The first question is at which point do you start to suffer, what can be called severe discomfort? If it is 60 yards, any extra walking is ignored.

The second question is whether this 60 yards is so limited (taking into account speed, time and manner) that you are virtually unable to walk.

Severe discomfort is not defined but can include pain and breathlessness which is brought on by walking.

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