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Getting It Right For Every Child


Taking care of our children's well-being and making sure they are alright - even before they are born - helps us ensure the most positive outcomes for them later in life. It gives them the potential to grow up ready to succeed and play their part in society.

Getting it right for every child is a programme that aims to improve outcomes for all children and young people.

It promotes a shared approach that:

  • builds solutions with and around children and families
  • enables children to get the help they need when they need it
  • supports a positive shift in culture, systems and practice
  • involves working together to make things better

Getting it right for every child is the foundation for work with all children and young people, including adult services where parents are involved. It builds on universal health and education services, and is embedded in the developing early years and youth frameworks. Developments in the universal services of health and education, such as Better Health Better Care and Curriculum for Excellence, are identifying what needs to be done in those particular areas to improve outcomes for children.

The Getting it Right approach looks at eight areas of 'well-being'. These are recognised as areas in which children and young people need to progress in order to do well now and in the future. They allow those responsible for the care and support of children - including members of their own families - to look at a situation in a structured way that will help them identify any needs and concerns and plan with the child and family any action they need to take. The eight well-being indicators are:

  • Safe
  • Healthy
  • Achieving
  • Nurtured
  • Active
  • Responsible
  • Respected
  • Included

The approach gives them a common language and a way to gather information about a child's world, making sure the child is growing and developing, and has everything they need from the people who look after them both at home and in the wider community. It also encourages practitioners to think about who else might need to be involved (for example a teacher might need to contact other professionals to make sure that an education improvement plan with the child and family was meeting all the child's needs).

These GIRFEC web pages link you to many sources of information relevant to children, young people, parents, families and practitioners which we hope will allow you to find what you are looking for. Please give us feedback on these pages to allow us to continue to improve them and make them as useful as possible.

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