Falkirk Council Agenda - 23 April 2008, 14:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 14:00 on 23 April 2008.

Number Item
Meeting requisitioned by Councillors Alexander, Coleman, H Constable, J Constable, Hughes, Jackson, Kenna and Spears.
(a)Travel Demo Initiative

Council commends the Scottish Government initiative for Travel Demo towns and believes this offers potential benefits for Falkirk district in the areas of sustainable transport and community planning.

Council further believes that the current stage of regeneration in Denny Town Centre coupled with the development of the new community school and the retention of the sports facilities on the current Denny High School site makes Denny and district the ideal pilot project for the development of such a scheme.

Council therefore calls on officers of the relevant departments to investigate this possibility and report their findings to committee.
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(b)Traffic Calming, Larbert Road, Bonnybridge

There is a consensus view amongst the residents of Larbert Road Bonnybridge that the current traffic calming system is ineffective and dangerous.

Residents wish that system be redesigned to maintain speed reduction whilst creating a safer environment and reducing house damage and vibration.

Council agrees to instruct officers to prepare a report for committee on the options available before conducting a full consultation with residents to bring about a permanent solution to the residents concerns.
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(c)Status of Honorary Freeman on the Reserve Occupations of Falkirk Council's Jurisdiction that helped in the World War 2 effort.

1. That the Freedom of Falkirk area be granted to Bevin Boys, Munitions, Shipyard, Dock and Metal Refinery workers in fact all in Reserved Occupations who worked during the 2nd world war to help secure our country's freedom at that time.

2. That arrangements be made to organise a Freedom Ceremony event in honour of these people who have done so much in Reserve Occupations.

3. That a member /officer working group chaired by the Provost be authorised to progress the planning and financing of the proposed event to take whatever decisions are required in connection therein.
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Council notes with concern the findings of engineers responsible for safety maintenance of the decommissioned nuclear submarines dumped at Rosyth where a hole was detected within the hulk of one of the rotting nuclear submarines in February.

Previous reports have intimated the existence of nuclear particles in various places throughout the Forth Estuary as far west as Carronshore and Skinflats.

Council views the threat to our local environment and wildlife with concern and calls on the UK government to cease the practice of dumping decommissioned nuclear submarines on our doorstep and calls on them to transfer these wrecks to the dockyard with the greatest expertise, the Royal Navy Dockyard at Devonport.

Council also agrees to bring forward a full report to Environment and Heritage Committee on the implications of having a nuclear dump at Rosyth.
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