Falkirk Council Agenda - 06 October 2008, 15:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 15:00 on 06 October 2008.

Number Item
Meeting requisitioned by Councillors Alexander, Carleschi, Coleman, Hughes, Kenna, Meiklejohn, Oliver and Thomson.
(a)Gas/Electricity Disconnections

Council notes with some disquiet the content of the recently published Ofgem report. This report indicated that:

"The number of gas and electricity disconnections rose to 8,324 in 2007 from 3,270 in 2006
"The total number of customers not reconnected the same quarter almost doubled to 4,028
"The number of pre-paid meters installed under warrant rose by almost 20,000.

With energy costs rising by double digit inflation this year the situation for those suffering financial hardship will only get worse.

Council believes that these trends are unacceptable and calls on the Westminster government to intervene to change the policy of disconnection through legislation, if required.

Council also calls on our local Westminster representatives to raise the issue with the relevant ministers with a view to the production of an action plan to assist those most vulnerable from power disconnections.
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(b)Council Scrutiny

Council notes that the promised feedback reports from Council representatives to the Health Board, Cosla and the Cosla sub committees have never been delivered.

Council therefore agrees to request these reports to be prepared and submitted to the December meeting of full Council. View Papers
(c)Former Councillor David Bryson

Council recognises the contribution of former Councillor David Bryson to the wider Stenhousemuir community over a period of 33 years service. In particular Council recognises the contribution of David Bryson to the regeneration programme of Stenhousemuir Town Centre through his leadership of the Economic Development Committee and chair of the Stenhousemuir Regeneration Working Group.

Council therefore resolves to formally recognise the contribution of former Councillor Bryson by asking group leaders to work together to explore options such as the naming of the new library after David Bryson as a fitting and lasting tribute to one of Stenhousemuir's most popular and longest serving public servants ever. View Papers