Falkirk Council Agenda - 01 December 2008, 19:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Council Chambers, Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 19:00 on 01 December 2008.

Number Item
Meeting requisitioned by Councillors Alexander, H Constable, J Constable, Coleman, Jackson, Kenna, MacDonald, McNally, Meiklejohn and Thomson
(a)Air Weapons

"Council notes with concern the decision of the UK Government not to press ahead with legislation seeking tighter control of air weapons.

Council believes that the Scottish Government position seeking greater control over the use of and access to such weapons is the correct course of action to preserve the safety and well-being of our community.

Council therefore resolves to seek to introduce a by-law similar to that being pursued by Aberdeen City Council and asks officers to begin this process and report back to members of the Community Health and Safety Committee progress as soon as possible. View Papers
(b)Rent Recalculation

"Council notes with concern the impact the current crisis is having on local businesses, particularly small to medium sized businesses (SMEs).

To assist local SMEs who are tenants of the local authority council agrees to an in principled halt to rent recalculation excercises that would result in a rent rise over the next two financial years.

Council therefore seeks a report from Community Services to be submitted to the Economic Development Committee on the mechanism and issues for implementing such a policy.

Council further instructs officers of the Economic Development Section to develop further initiatives, as a matter of urgency, to assist SMEs during the economic downturn, with a report presented to the Policy and Resources Committee at the earliest opportunity". View Papers
(c)Falkirk Council - Consultation Responses

"Council notes with approval the previous commitment of the Leader of the Council to ensure that all submissions to the Scottish Government on consultation documents reflect the views of all parties represented within Falkirk Council.

We view this as an example of good practice and have rightly praised the leader of Falkirk Council for this stance.

Council therefore notes with concern the refusal of the Convener of Falkirk Council's Community Health and Safety Committee to honour the commitment given by his leader on the issue of the government's consultation on the Alcohol Legislation. In particular council notes with concern the answer given by the Convener to the question of the assurance offered by the leader to the effect that "that is between you and her".

Council therefore endorses the stance made by the leader of the council by making her commitments council policy thus ensuring that all consultation carry the views of all elected members who express an opinion. View Papers
(d)Repair and Improvement Programmes

"Recent report considered by Falkirk Council has indicated that the Credit Crunch has had a significant impact on Falkirk Council's ability to meet commitments and implement policies and programmes.

Council recognises that this will also impact on the ability of individual households to deal with circumstances that may arise from the changes we have all seen within the financial markets.

In particular council believes that the ability of owner occupiers to meet requirements to participate in communal repairs and improvement programmes may be compromised by the lack of ability to obtain funding from the banks.

Council therefore agrees to,

(1) recognises that we are living within unique times
(2) ask officers to bring forward a report on how occupiers can be assisted using the reports approved by Falkirk Council on the high rise flats contracts as a model for this and future year's capital programme
(3) present the findings and recommendations from this piece of work to a meeting of the Housing and Social Work Committee at the earliest opportunity" View Papers
(e)Grangepans Post Office

"Council re-affirms its opposition to the closure of the Grangepans Post Office and resolves to enter into immediate negotiations with Post Office Ltd with a view to Falkirk Council in partnership with the proprietor of the Grangepans Post Office and General Merchants offering a full post office service within the office's catchment area". View Papers