Falkirk Council Agenda - 23 April 2009, 14:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Council Chambers, Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 14:00 on 23 April 2009.

Number Item
(a)Town Centre Restoration

"Council welcomes the announcement from the Scottish Government to establish a fund of 60m for the restoration of town centres.

Council calls on officers to bring forward reports on how this authority may bid for our share of these national resources for the floundering town centre regeneration programmes in such as Bo'ness, Denny, Grangemouth and the east end of Falkirk.

Council also seeks clarification as to which other communities, such as Bonnybridge, Bainsford and Banknock may also qualify for financial support from this welcome government initiative". View Papers
(b)Royal Mail - Privatisation

"Council supports the stance taken by the Communications Workers Trade Unions in opposing the part privatisation of the Royal Mail Service.

Council agrees with the trade unions that this is the first step towards the full privatisation of the postal service and would lead to a diminution of the levels of service as well as cost increase to rural communities". View Papers
(c)Education in Secondary Schools

"Council notes with concern the news that S3 pupils at St Mungo's High School are not to be offered a Standard Grade course in History.

Council further notes that S3 pupils in Graeme High are no longer being offered Standard Grade Courses in Accounting either.

Council agrees to the following:-

1. ensure that all core subjects are offered to pupils in all schools;
2. immediately reinstate subjects removed from the syllabus for consideration by pupils;
3. ensure courses that are important in preparing better access to higher professional or vocational education, such as Accounting, continue to be offered to pupils on an inter-school or college link basis when it is not practical to offer them in an individual school; and
4. any deviation of this or change to the subjects and courses available are in future agreed by Members of the Education Committee in open chamber". View Papers
(d)Disabled Parking

"Council notes with concern the failure to complete an audit of disabled parking available to blue badge holders as a condition of the recent changes in legislation on such matters.

Council therefore agrees to instruct officers to prepare an audit and report back to committee on the additional protections offered to disabled car users as a result of this exercise and changes to legislation". View Papers
Proposed by Councillors Alexander, Coleman, Hughes, Kenna, A MacDonald, McNally, Oliver and Thomson.