Falkirk Council Agenda - 22 November 2010, 09:30 Help

A meeting to be held at Council Chambers, Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 09:30 on 22 November 2010.

Number Item
Proposed by Councillors Alexander, Coleman, Constable, Kenna, MacDonald, Meiklejohn, Spears and Thomson.
(a)Living Wage

Council congratulates the Scottish Government for committing itself to supporting the Living Wage campaign for low paid workers in the Public Sector throughout Scotland.

Council agrees to:-

1. Commit to supporting the Living Wage campaign orchestrated through the STUC.
2. Seek a report from the Chief Executive on the financial cost to the local authority of the implementation of the Living Wage figure of a minimum 7.15 per hour.
3. Also seek to carry out an equalities check on any proposals and any other issues coming from the support in principle of the campaign. View Papers
(b)Pest Control Service

Council notes that the charging regime put in place for the use of the Pest Control Service fails the fairness test in two important areas.

These are:-

" The poll tax nature of the charges where the poorest pay the same as the richest for the same service.
" The requirement to pay the charge up front thus robbing the poorest of an affordable payment plan.

Council agrees that this is unfair and in conflict with the Council's equalities policies and therefore agrees to the following changes:-

(a) a staggered table of payments is formulated that begins at zero for those on benefit or state pension rising with income.
(b) individual payments plans be agreed with the applicant that allows low paid groups a realistic period to pay off accounts such as occurs with other charges, and
(c) a report to come back to Members on (a) & (b) above, as well as a full report on the reasons why take up of the service has halved since charges were introduced in April. View Papers
(c)School Crossing Patrols

Council notes that in the last few months three School Crossing Patrols have been axed by the current Labour/Tory Administration making a total of 16 since the Administration came to power in 2007.

Council further notes the lack of opportunity to properly scrutinise the decisions to discontinue these important services and therefore agrees that in future any proposal to terminate a School Crossing Patrol Service must be authorised by the Environment and Community Safety Committee to ensure proper scrutiny, openness and transparency. View Papers
(d)Traffic Calming Scheme, Larbert Road, Bonnybridge

It was intimated during the last debate on the matter of the Larbert Road Traffic Calming Scheme in Bonnybridge that the remedy to the current problems might be provided "during the current financial year".

Several of the Larbert Road speed bumps are now missing and the majority of the remaining speed bumps exhibiting damage and displacement.

Council therefore calls for clarification on whether this system will be repaired before March 2011 as previously intimated or, if not, agree a definitive timetable for a remedial programme. View Papers