Falkirk Council Agenda - 26 June 2019, 09:30 Help

A meeting to be held at Council Chambers, Municipal Buildings, Falkirk at 09:30 on 26 June 2019.

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2Declarations of Interest

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in any item of business at the meeting, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of the interest.
3Minutes and Information Bulletin
(a)Minute of Meeting of Falkirk Council held on 8 May 2019;  View Papers
(b)Minute of Special Meeting of Council held on 10 June 2019;  View Papers
(c)Information Bulletin - Volume 5 2018/19.  View Papers
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Questions submitted in accordance with Standing Orders will be published in advance of the meeting.
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6Referral from the Executive - 18 June 2019
Treasury Management Annual Review 2018/19

Report by the Director of Corporate and Housing Services.
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7Falkirk Local Development Plan 2 Submission to Scottish Ministers and Summary of Unresolved Issues

Report by the Director of Development Services.
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8Falkirk Council/Falkirk Community Trust Joint Working in Culture & Sports Provision

Report by the Chief Executive.
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9Appointment - East of Scotland European Consortium Policy Board

Report by the Director of Corporate and Housing Services.
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10Delegation of Powers to Determine Urgent Issues During the
Summer Recess

Report by the Director of Corporate and Housing Services.
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11Execution of Deeds

Report by the Director of Corporate and Housing Services.
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Motions submitted in accordance with Standing Order 29 are set out below. Motions that refer to matters within the remit of the Executive, or Education, Children and Young People Executive, will stand referred to the appropriate body, without discussion, unless:-

(1) special circumstances exist which, in opinion of the Provost (having consulted with the Council Leader and the Leader of the main Opposition groups) requires an exception to be made;

(2) two thirds of the members present vote in favour of the matter being discussed; or

(3) the motion raises an issue with significant impact on the Council area which the Provost, having consulted with the Leader of the Council and the Leaders of the main Opposition groups, considers suitable for debate at Council.
(a)The following motion is reserved to Council:-

Council acknowledges that the 2017 election results and the introduction of the transformational agenda have changed the nature of the Council with a consequent need to modernise and to become more responsive.

Council agrees that, as part of this process, a review of standing orders and scheme of delegation be carried out by a working group of members constituted to reflect the current membership with a report back to the December meeting of Council.

Council notes that past exercises of this nature have been carried out in a constructive manner.

Proposed by Councillor Reid View Papers
(b)The following motions stand referred to the Executive unless otherwise determined by the Provost, having consulted with the Leader of the Council and the Leaders of the main Opposition groups.

Budget cuts over the last 10 years have taken their toll on communities and Council services. Currently there has been a rise in constituent enquiries regarding vermin.

Council notes that we no longer have a pest control service.

Council understands that monthly green bin collections, 30 special uplift charge and a reduction in opening hours of waste recycling centres can lead to an increase in vermin on our streets.

Council recognises that tenants, home owners, vulnerable adults and some of our older citizens may find it difficult to tackle this serious issue.

Council will look at how we can help our citizens to deal with this by looking at areas where we might get better results for our residents.

1. Engaging with pest control companies to see if they could offer a better deal for Falkirk residents.

2. Educating people as to how to prevent vermin from frequenting a particular area.

3. Using our media team to promote residents understanding on how to deal with this problem.

4. Looking at other ways in which we might tackle this issue collaboratively.

Council asks the Director of Development Services to report back to a future meeting outlining actions taken on or proposals to give effect to the areas outlined above.

Proposed by Councillor Aitchison
(c)Council values the work of carers employed within Falkirk Council and within the third sector and private sector, who often work long and unsocial hours, delivering care in an empathetic and professional manner.

Council recognises that there are difficulties in recruitment and retention of care staff, whilst at the same time service users need consistency and continuity of care, delivered, with a person centred approach.

Council congratulates the head of social work services and senior staff for implementing around 80% of Unison's Ethical Care Charter already.

Council recognises that adopting the charter will largely fall within the remit of the Integration Joint Board.

Council asks for the Chief Officer to bring forward a report detailing how the charter can be implemented in full to the November meeting.

Proposed by Councillor Black
(d)Council welcomes the Climate Emergency declarations made by both UK and Scottish governments in recent weeks and the proposed amendment to the Climate Change Bill which will set a target of 'net zero' emissions of greenhouse gases in Scotland by 2045 - the most ambitious statutory target in the world.

Council however notes with concern that the Scottish Government has missed its statutory emissions targets for 2016 and 2017.

Council therefore calls for a report on the actions in place, and planned, by the Council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Falkirk and the anticipated reductions which these would achieve.

Proposed by Councillor Coombes
(e)Council agrees that street name signs should identify in brief the provenance of the name as is common in other countries, particularly when it is the name of a person.

Council agrees that this practice would be a useful addition to local history and instil a greater sense of community.
Council agrees that this should apply to any future names and that there should be retrospective application also, where possible and appropriate.

Proposed by Councillor Reid