Falkirk Council Agenda - 29 March 2023, 10:00 Help

A meeting to be held at Grangemouth Community Education Unit, 69-71 Abbots Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8JB at 10:00 on 29 March 2023.

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In accordance with section 43 of the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 the Provost has directed that this meeting will be conducted in such a manner as to allow remote attendance by elected members.

The meeting will be livestreamed via the Council website at:-
2Declarations of Interest

Members should declare any financial and non-financial interests they have in any item of business at the meeting, identifying the relevant agenda item and the nature of the interest.
3Minutes and Information Bulletin
(a)Minute of Meeting of Falkirk Council held on 14 December 2022;  View Papers
(b)Minute of Meeting of Falkirk Council held on 23 February 2023;  View Papers
(c)Minute of Meeting of Falkirk Council held on 1 March 2023;  View Papers
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5Strategic Property Review Update

Report by the Director of Place Services.
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6Proposal to Close School Swimming Pools

Report by the Director of Children's Services.

Deputation Request

An application has been made by William Lawless, Larbert High School, to be received as a deputation to be heard in respect of this item of business.

In accordance with Standing Order 33.5, the committee shall decide whether to hear the deputation.
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7Appointment of Chair of the Integration Joint Board

Report by the Director of Transformation, Communities and Corporate Services.
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8Execution of Deeds

Report by the Director of Transformation, Communities and Corporate Services.
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A motion submitted in accordance with Standing Order 29 is set out below. Motions that refer to matters within the remit of the Executive, or Education, Children and Young People Executive, will stand referred to the appropriate body, without discussion, unless:-

(1) special circumstances exist which, in opinion of the Provost (having consulted with the Council Leader and the Leader of the main Opposition groups) requires an exception to be made;

(2) two thirds of the members present vote in favour of the matter being discussed; or

(3) the motion raises an issue with significant impact on the Council area which the Provost, having consulted with the Leader of the Council and the Leaders of the main Opposition groups, considers suitable for debate at Council.

The following motion stands referred to the Executive otherwise determined by the Provost, having consulted with the Leader of the Council and the Leaders of the main Opposition groups.

Disposable Vapes

Council notes with concern the serious and damaging environmental impacts of disposable vapes and recognises an increase in these electronic devices being discarded in communities and public spaces across the Falkirk council area.
Research by Material Focus, an independent not-for-profit organisation, identified in 2022 that at least 1.3 million so called "disposable" vapes are littered and binned each week.

Notes that vapes contain a range of precious materials, including lithium and copper which can be collected if recycled in a safe and appropriate manner. Council also considers there is heightened risk of damage to infrastructure due to the potential combustion of batteries contained in the devices both at Council run facilities and within communities.

Further anticipates the publication of the Scottish Government's urgent review into the environmental impact of disposable vapes, currently being undertaken by Zero Waste Scotland.

In light of the serious nature of these concerns, Council instructs the Chief Executive to write on behalf of Falkirk Council, to Lorna Slater MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, and Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, Ian Gulland, conveying Council's view that a ban on the sale of so-called "disposable" vapes be introduced in Scotland as soon as practicable.

Proposed by Councillor Sinclair