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This is a list of all William F Buchanan Outside Body Membership.

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Body Order the Results By Body Role Order the Results By Role Appointed Order the Results By Date Appointed Date Ended Order the Results By Date Appointment Ended
Edinburgh Airport Consultative Committee Representative 20/06/2012 26/09/2012
Falkirk District Arts and Civic Council Representative 07/03/2018 05/05/2022
Falkirk District Twinning Association Representative 07/03/2018 05/05/2022
University of Stirling Conference Representative 07/03/2018 05/05/2022
Scottish Railway Preservation Society Representative 27/06/2007 03/05/2012
East of Scotland European Consortium Policy Board Representative 24/06/2009 03/05/2012
SESTran - South East Scotland Transport Partnership Representative 03/05/2012 10/12/2013
Falkirk Community Trust Board Representative 11/03/2015 04/05/2017
Falkirk Community Trust Board Representative 28/06/2017 15/05/2019