Summer Activity Hubs

Applications for our Primary and Secondary Summer Activity Hubs are closed at this time as our Hubs are at capacity and we have no more spaces available.

If your enquiry is related to ELC Hub provision please contact

If your enquiry is for our Severe & Complex Hub provision please contact

For all other enquiries contact or phone 01324 506600.

All of the following criteria had to be met before we allocated placements to our summer activity hubs:

  • Both parents/carers are critical key workers
  • You are unable to make suitable alternative childcare arrangements including the use of extended family and other households
  • You are unable to work from home
  • Your child is unable to safely remain at home unsupervised
  • You are not on annual leave
  • You are able to make your own transport arrangements for your child to attend the Hub.

Primary Summer Activity Hubs

The Summer Activity Hubs will run from Monday 29 June to Friday 07 August 2020, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 15:00.

The venues for our Summer Activity Hubs are as follows:

Hub venue Children who attend school in/at
Grangemouth High School
  • Bo'ness Cluster
  • Braes Cluster
  • Grangemouth Cluster
  • Sacred Heart PS
  • St Mary's PS
St Mungo's High School
  • Falkirk Cluster
  • Graeme Cluster
  • St Andrew's PS
  • St Francis' PS
Denny High School
  • Denny Cluster
  • Larbert Cluster
  • St Bernadette's PS
  • St Joseph's PS
  • St Patrick's PS

Our Summer Activity Hubs will be managed by Active Schools and supported by Education Staff, Childcare Students, Young Leaders and Probationer Teachers.

Summer Activity Hubs are for Key Worker families who have previously attended our Childcare Hubs and completed an application for a Summer place. Letters have been issued to all successful applicants.

Our arrangements for Critical Childcare in August will be posted in due course.

Secondary Summer Activity Hub

The Secondary Summer Activity Hub will run from Friday 26 June to Friday 07 August 2020 (both dates inclusive) from 09:00 to 15:00.

The Hub will be located at Larbert High School and operated by Tryst Community Sports Club, and supported by Young Sports Leaders and Conservation Volunteers. The Hub will provide a blend of sporting and non-sporting activities, both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting!).

The Secondary Summer Activity Hub is for Key Worker families who have previously attended our Childcare Hubs and completed an application for a Summer place. Confirmed places have already been communicated to all eligible families.

Information relating to our Early Years and Severe and Complex Summer Hub provision will be communicated to parents in the coming days. This webpage will be updated once those parents have been contacted.