Update: 13 August 2020

From Monday 17 August both recycling centres will only be open 5 days per week.

Things to be aware of as you prepare to visit:

  • To access one of our sites you will need to provide proof of address. Please bring a utility bill or similar with you – to enable viewing through your windscreen, please display this on your vehicle dashboard
  • Site rules will be in place to ensure social distancing measures can be followed at all times
  • If you are a van user and require a household waste permit our staff will take your details and process it at the meet and greet
  • Be aware that a limited number of vehicles are allowed on site at any time, and only visit a site if you can't safely store waste at home.
  • When leaving the site, remember not to touch your face, and to wash your hands as soon as possible.
  • Be patient and courteous with site staff, and each other. Falkirk Council does not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour, threats or violence towards staff.

As part of our response to COVID-19, waste and recycling collection services may be subject to change.

Where services require to change due to resource availability, we will prioritise services. It is important to consider a number of things at this time:

  • We may not have available resource to return for any missed bins – it is important to place your bins/boxes out for collection by 6:30am on your collection day
  • As more people will be working from home, please consider where you park your car on your scheduled collection days. Good practice would be to park more than 10m from a junction, park close to the kerb, with wing mirrors folded in
  • We will no longer uplift extra bags presented with collections

We are also asking all residents to think of others and not light bonfires. It is important to be especially considerate at this time, when people are confined to their home. Certain materials can emit toxic gases when burned, and bonfires can also become out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services.

    Recycling centres (operating as normal)

    We have updated information available for our recycling centres.

    Green bin collections (operating as normal)

    This is a priority collection service. Please put out your bin for collection for 6:30am as per your collection schedule. Be aware that collection times may vary.

    If your household is affected by COVID–19, NHS Inform website advises the following:

    You can securely store personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths within disposable rubbish bags. These should be:

    • placed into another bag
    • tied securely
    • kept separate from other waste in your room
    • put aside for at least 72 hours before being putting in your usual external household waste bin

    Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

    Food waste collections (operating as normal)

    This is a priority collection service. Please put out containers for collection for 6:30am as per your collection schedule. Be aware that collection times may vary.

    Glass collections (operating as normal)

    Please put out your black box for collection from 6:30am as per your collection schedule.

    Absorbent Hygiene Products (operating as normal)

    Please put out sacks for collection for 6:30am as normal. Continue to request replacement AHP sacks via the website as normal.

    Blue bin collections (operating as normal)

    Please put out your blue bin for collection from 6:30am as per your collection schedule.

    Burgundy bin collections (operating as normal)

    Please put out your burgundy bin for collection from 6:30am as per your collection schedule.

    Bulky waste collections (operating as normal)

    Items should be grouped together, outside your property for collection by 6:30am on your advised collection date.

    We will endeavour to collect your uplift on this day, however, due to the current COVID-19 situation we cannot guarantee resources will be available. Please present your items outside ready for collection on the scheduled date, if your request is not completed on this date, please leave your items available for collection. If your uplift is still remains outstanding after 2 weeks, please contact us quoting your bulky uplift reference.

    Brown bin collections (operating as normal)

    Please put out your brown bin for collection from 6:30am as per your collection schedule.

    Garden waste is sent to a compost facility which cannot remove plastic bags. Please do not present bags beside your brown bin. Excess garden waste should continue to be stored, and presented at your next scheduled garden waste collection or taken to the recycling centres once they are open.

    It is possible to request an additional brown bin.

    For those residents who paid for an additional brown bin last year and missed a collection in March, this will be delivered on the first scheduled brown bin collection. The charge for 2020 will be reduced to an annual fee of £20 to recognise that a full year of service cannot be provided.

    Waste engagement and education activities (service suspended)

    This service is currently suspended.

    If an event or home visit has been arranged, you will receive an email/call from the Waste Services team. Applications for additional waste and recycling capacity will continue, with officers making contact by telephone or electronically to discuss applications.

    Assisted collections

    Due to changes in staff, your waste/recycling may be collected by a different crew and at a different time. Ensure your containers are easily accessible and visible.

    Community Litter Picks (Operational)

    We can support community litter picks in line with Scottish Government Guidance. This includes loans of litter pickers and collection/disposal of collected litter.

    Litter/dogs bins and street cleansing (limited operation)

    Priority is being given to the servicing of street litter bins.

    One-off collection service (operating as normal)

    Should you wish for your bin to be emptied before the next scheduled collection date, there will be charge of £15 per bin. To arrange an uplift please call the Contact Centre 01324 506070

    Please note the opportunity to pay £15 for an uplift is available as a one-off collection service, and cannot be used on a repeated basis for recycling bins.

    Information about what goes in each of your bins and containers can be found in the what goes in my bins section.

    Missed bins

    Where services are suspended, no missed bins will be recorded.

    Flytipping (report as normal)

    Fly tipping being the illegal dumping of waste is unacceptable. Please continue to report flytipping.