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Falkirk Council has teamed up with O2 to bring you huge savings on mobile phone deals.

This new voluntary benefit called 'O2 Open' entitles employees to discounts from O2.

Employees can now connect to O2 Open over the phone as well as in-store. An O2 Open code is all that is needed.

Share the savings with up to 5 of your friends and family by using the code!

Employee perks

  • 30% off O2 Refresh*
  • Priority ticket purchase for The O2 and O2 Academy venues
  • Priority Moments. Receive offers from your favourite brands
  • O2Tracks. The Official Top 40 - try it for free for eight weeks
  • O2 Wifi. Fast. Free. For everyone
  • Treat yourself to 20% off accessories in store
  • Help at Hand. Get 25% off the price of the handset

* Please note the 30% discount applies to the Airtime Plan only

What do I need to do?

  • Visit to register an account
  • Log in using your username and password
  • Enter the 5 character Open company code - FKK01

There are then 2 registration options available:

Option 1

Providing a work email address; O2 will send a verification email to the email address provided. You should click on the link to verify this.

Please ensure that is whitelisted on your mail server and anti-spam software to ensure you receive all emails.

Option 2

Providing a National Insurance number and uploading an image of a payslip from the last 3 months. O2 will carry out an eligibility check to ensure the name, company and NI Number matches and the payslip is within the last 3 months.

Once approved, O2 will remove the payslip from their system and will follow all security checks.

Via this route, an employee will be verified within 3 days.

Take your O2 Open code to any O2 store.