The second Employee Communications Group met in spring to find out exactly what news staff wanted to hear about.

Providing volunteers from across different services with an opportunity to help shape how the Council communicates internally, the event was held in the Municipal Buildings on March 23rd.

During the meeting, volunteers listened to presentations on the Council's Vision (Responsive, Innovative, Trusted and Ambitious – RITA), how the Council is currently listening to its employees, the big issues and how communications could be brought to life.

Volunteers were also asked to give their views on communications and were asked a number of questions including:

  • How informed they felt about what is going on in their team, their service and the Council as a whole.
  • How they currently received information.
  • What information they’d like to get and what was of most interest.
  • How they would like to get information.

The group also explored the use of Yammer, if they wanted an employee magazine, how other Scottish Council’s communicated with their staff, and suggestion schemes.

The next meeting of the Employee Communications Groups has been set for Thursday, September 20th in the Municipal Buildings.

If you would like to join the group, or have any ideas you want to put forward, please contact


Presentation 23 March 2018
Group responses 23 March 2018