This page was last updated: 28/06/2022 13:39:11

It's understandable that you will have a lot of questions at this time. That is why we have created this page – to provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If there are questions not covered in this FAQ or in our employee guidance please contact:

Will absence resulting from COVID-19 count towards absence triggers?

If you test positive for COVID-19, absences will not be used for absence triggers. Any other absences will be managed in line with the absence management policy.

If I am working from home do I need to record this?

Anyone who has applied and been approved for Hybrid Working is no longer required to record their working from home status on Myview. Those who have not applied to Opt-in but remain working from home, for the time being, should record this on MyView as Fit Working From Home.

Do you need a medical certificate from me for covid related absence?

No, normal self-certification procedures will apply for any COVID-19 related absence.

I am unable to attend work or work from home - will I be paid?

Your absence will be recorded as sickness and you will receive sick pay if you are entitled to this.

Can I claim expenses that I have incurred as a result of working from home?

This depends on the type of and reason for the claim. Any claim should be approved in advance (of any expenditure being incurred) by your line manager.

You would need to provide evidence that the claim was solely related to work and necessary. For instance, a claim for work-related telephone calls and joining conference calls could be considered.

However, a claim for your normal mobile phone rental wouldn't be appropriate. Also, you wouldn't be able to claim for ink for your personal printer as it wouldn't be used primarily for work purposes. You are able to make a claim for a desk or chair up to £100 in total if you are working from home. You should speak to your manager about this first, as they may be able to provide you with equipment from an office. You can also request other essential IT equipment, eg monitor/keyboard for instance. You should discuss any other work-related expenses with your manager in advance of any purchase.

I have a pre-planned operation and the hospital has told me to isolate for a period before this. How should this be recorded?

If you can work from home, you should do so. This would include carrying out relevant training, for instance, OLLE training, Microsoft Training and Teams training.

Services should try and facilitate equipment to enable online training etc to be done from home where this is possible. If you are not able to work the full period from home then any time you are unable to work should be split between annual leave and special leave.

If you are unable to return to work after your operation this will be recorded as sick leave.

Will absence resulting from a Covid-19 vaccination count towards absence triggers?

No, sickness absence after receiving a Covid-19 vaccination will not be used for absence triggers. It will be recorded as sick leave however it will not count towards any absence triggers for monitoring purposes.

Can I tell staff that a colleague may have potentially contracted COVID-19?

Yes. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to inform staff, but you shouldn't provide any more information than necessary.

It's unlikely that you will need to name the person and unlikely you will be able to confirm a positive case due to reduced testing.

As a general rule, you should only tell staff that someone has symptoms of Covid if that person was in the workplace up to 48 hours prior to their symptoms developing - this information is to be shared to inform others in case they begin to develop symptoms