If I live in a level 3 or 4 area, can I travel to work?

    Yes, there are a number of exemptions to the travel restrictions, one of which is travelling to work. If you cannot work from home and are required to attend a workplace, this is classed as an essential journey.

    Please view Coronavirus (COVID-19): local protection levels for more information.

    What if I have an underlying health condition, have been shielding or am pregnant?

    If you fall into the following groups your manager is responsible for making sure an individual risk assessment is completed for you before you return to the workplace. You will also be asked to carry out a self assessment tool.

    • Pregnant employees
    • Employees with underlying health conditions (including those who were formerly shielding) or who are aged 70 years old or older
    • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees

    More information is available for employees with underlying health conditions, who are shielding or pregnant

    I have contracted the virus/been told to self-isolate – will I be paid?

    Yes, you will be paid for any period of COVID-19 related absence even if you have less than 6 months service.

    Do you need an isolation note from me?

    No, normal self certification procedures will apply for any COVID-19 related absence, self isolation period or related sickness.

    Will absence resulting from COVID-19 count towards absence triggers?

    No, COVID-19 sickness absence or self isolation will not be used for absence triggers; it will be recorded separately. However if you are unfit for work and have tested negative for COVID-19 then this will be normal sick leave.

    My partner has got an underlying health condition, what should I do?

    Follow the advice from NHS Inform. Speak to your manager about your concerns and discuss alternative working arrangements which may include working from home.

    What if someone I live with has been told to self-isolate because they are symptomatic?

    Follow the advice from NHS Inform. Please update MyView as necessary.

    If I have self-isolated and returned to work, should I self-isolate again if another member of my family presented symptoms?

    Yes, you need to follow the advice from NHS Inform.

    My building is closed, what's expected?

    If you can work from home, then you should do this or volunteer for other areas. If none of this applies then currently paid special leave may apply. You may be asked to work at a different location.

    I am on long-term absence and now need to self-isolate for 10 days due to a member of my household having symptoms. How will this be recorded/how will I be paid?

    If you are already on sickness absence, and continue to be unfit for work then you should remain on sickness absence and provide the appropriate certification. However, if you are fit to return from your original illness during your self isolation period, you must advise your line manager and your absence will be recorded as COVID-19 related.

    Should employees be wearing face coverings at work?

    The Scottish Government has introduced new regulations on face coverings at work.

    Please see Face coverings in Council buildings for updated guidance.

    A member of my team has tested positive for COVID-19, should I share the results?

    If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 and has been in the workplace within 72 hours of the onset of their symptoms, those who work in their area should be told. NHS will likely be in touch with them through track and trace. No further personal details should be shared, only that someone who works in their area has tested positive. This information is to be shared to inform others in case they begin to develop symptoms.

    My colleague works for a different local authority and is being given different advice – why is this?

    While this is a national emergency led by Public Health Scotland, every local authority will be following their local business continuity plans and guidance and implementing arrangements in the context of their local authority requirements, which may differ to other Local Authorities. Please be assured that Falkirk Council is following all available national guidance.

    I am a casual worker and have been told to self isolate by NHS contact tracing, will I get paid?

    If you were scheduled to work during the 10-day self isolation period, you will be paid for the shifts you were due to work if you submit a timesheet. Your manager must approve this timesheet and confirm that these were shifts you had been scheduled to attend.

    If I have received my COVID-19 vaccine, can I now return to my place of work even if I have been asked to work from home following the government restrictions announced on 04 January 2021?

    The vaccine is an additional level of protection alongside FACTS, PPE and the recently announced national restrictions.

    We require all employees in the shielding category and those who have been asked to work from home, as the work they undertake can be completed from home, to keep doing so. If you are shielding and cannot work from home you will be placed on special leave. It is possible as we successfully vaccinate more people and if the background rate of COVID-19 cases returns to a lower level, then we may be able to issue new advice.

    For now you should continue to be at home and work at home where possible even if you have been vaccinated.