I work with vulnerable clients and members of the public do I need protective equipment to do this?

    We will be following relevant NHS guidance on this and where appropriate, relevant protective equipment will be provided.

    I visit clients in their home how do I know if they are infected?

    Managers are making arrangements for clients to be contacted prior to home visits. Further guidance be will be available on the employee website in due course.

    If someone in the building has a suspected case, should there be any extra measures for cleaning put in place?

    Yes. Falkirk Council follows national guidance that is produced by Health Protection Scotland for decontamination of the workplace if a suspected case is in a Council building. See Additional cleaning.

    Are we taking any precautions in terms of employees attending and leaving work ie taking their temperature?

    We are following Health Protection Scotland guidance regarding workplaces. At the current time monitoring employees' temperatures is not part of this guidance.

    What are we doing with regard to physical distancing when working in council vehicles going to jobs etc?

    physical distancing is to help reduce the amount of contact between individuals and to slow down transmission rates. We must, in social situations, be ensuring that we live within the national guidance. Critical services do however need to continue. As such social aspects of life are different to working requirements. Where we need to continue to work to support critical services, then we need to mindful of the physical distancing arrangements but in some situations this will not be possible. Where we can, we should be limiting the number of employees in vehicles and using alternative transport. There may be areas where 2 employees are needed in one vehicle such as Home Carers, MECS and Waste staff.

    I am concerned about using a pool car, what are my options?

    Hand wipes will be available, however employees that feel more comfortable using their own car can do so. Mileage can be claimed on MyView. It is important to remember to wash your hands before and after using a pool car.

    Employees are being told to stay away from family members but there has been large gatherings of employees in the same area?

    All employees should be practising safe physical distancing where possible. This is Government guidance and employees have a responsibility to put this guidance in place whilst at work, as well as other situations, where this is possible. Such circumstances of employee gathering should not take place and we are doing everything possible to stop such occurrences. Employees who are displaying symptoms should also not be attending work. Any concerns should be raised with your manager.

    I visit clients in their home and their family members are not respecting physical distancing advice – can something be done about this?

    You should only visit clients if they are identified as requiring essential service delivery. Before the visit, you should establish whether its is believed that anyone in the family has symptoms. You should continue to observe physical distancing and hand washing as per Falkirk Council's risk assessments. If you have a concern you should wear PPE appropriate to the task as per as directed by Falkirk Council’s risk assessments. You can and should ask family members to leave the room whilst you are undertaking your task in order to observe physical distancing. If they refuse to do so please contact your line manager. If your manager cannot assist please contact health.safety@falkirk.gov.uk You can also choose to remove yourself from the situation and contact your manager.

    How do we decide who wears PPE and who doesn't?

    We will continue to follow Health Protection Scotland guidance regarding the issuing of PPE (including face masks) to employees throughout the pandemic. This guidance is constantly under review and informs our risk assessments which we use to help reduce the risk of transmission of the workplace.

    What is the difference between physical distancing and shielding?

    physical distancing measures are for everyone and the most important rule to follow first and foremost is to maintain wherever possible social distance. Shielding is a measure to protect people, including children, who are extremely vulnerable to severe illness from COVID-19 because of certain underlying health conditions. Its aim is to minimise interaction between these individuals and others as per the National Guidance on COVID-19. We should encourage and support each other to maintain these basic hygiene rules at all times.