Employees not yet started the process

Employees who have been referred for redeployment will be asked to complete the skills audit paperwork and submit it to the HR Helpdesk. The HR Helpdesk will then provide information about the redeployment process.

Employees should view the list of available posts on the vacancies page on Inside Falkirk - and contact the HR Helpdesk to register an interest in any post(s) they consider to be suitable alternative employment.

Whilst redeployment is normally considered before any dismissal can take place, Services should be flexible where employees may be able to access pension or wish to progress to Capability dismissal.

Employees currently in the redeployment search process

If an employee has a coronavirus related absence their redeployment search will be suspended until they are deemed fit to be available for work (at the end of their self-isolation period).

If an employee is in the redeployment pool due to their temporary contract coming to an end this will be reviewed and extended where the requirement for the post continues to exist. These employees can also be reallocated to Category 1 service areas that continue to need support.

Where no post has been identified within the redeployment period, the capability process will be progressed. Advice should be sought from HR.

Redeployment work trials

An agreed work trial should be managed in line with the current policy. However, given the current COVID-19 circumstances, the Service may need to make adjustments for this to happen in line with current guidance on working arrangements. For example, if the redeployee is required to work from home at this time then arrangements should be made to ensure relevant equipment is provided, and an agreement reached, between the manager and redeployee, regarding regular contact to ensure appropriate support is given.

Any work trial will initially be for a 4 week period, but consideration may be given to extending this to 6 weeks should this be required, given the current circumstances. Advice can be provided by HR.

If an employee has a coronavirus related absence during their redeployment work trial, it will be suspended until they are deemed fit to return to work (at the end of their self-isolation period).

Employees concluded the redeployment process

If the work trial has ended and was successful, the employee should be confirmed in their new post.

If their work trial is unsuccessful and the employee has exhausted their redeployment period, the employee would normally progress to a capability hearing where appropriate.

Each case will be considered and, where appropriate, cases will progress through the capability process. In some instances, employees may be keen to progress to a hearing to access pension benefits. Where possible, options will be explored to progress this remotely with the employee's agreement. Advice can be provided from HR.