East Ayrshire

An open discussion was had regarding the visit to East Ayrshire on 09 April 2019. This covered:

  • its transformation programme
  • its approach to community engagement and community asset transfer
  • the support provided to communities
  • how it empowered employees
  • how a similar approach could be adopted by Falkirk Council to better meet the needs of its communities and realise business objectives

Council of the Future – Governance

  • A review of the Council of the Future Governance has been undertaken.
  • Revised governance is being put into place to provide a more cross cutting, One Council approach to ensure projects deliver on the objectives laid down in the 5-year business plan.
  • Five new boards aligned to workstreams will be established and will replace Service Change Boards.
  • The workstream boards will escalate any issues or successes to the Make it Happen which will in turn report into the Council of the Future Board.
  • The Council of the Future Board will primarily focus on the progress of the top 10 priority projects.
  • Reporting will continue on a quarterly basis to the Executive and 6 monthly to Audit (risk).

Change Fund

  • £1million has been set aside for the Change Fund (2019/2020).
  • The funding will be used to support a range of priority projects (to be identified).
  • These projects will be expected to provide a range of benefits including:
    • high value savings
    • income generation
    • have a significant, positive impact on community engagement

Business Plan Sign Off

  • Officers from across the Council have contributed to the Council's five-year business plan.
  • The plan aims to move the Council away from annual salami slicing towards longer term goals.
  • The Executive will be asked to agree a direction of travel allowing work to continue on developing a suite of transformational projects.
  • These projects will help to bridge the Council’s financial gap over the coming years.
  • When financial or other member decisions require to be taken these will be brought before elected members to decide.
  • A communication strategy has been developed to ensure employees understand what the plan means for the Council – and for them – if approved by the Executive.

Next meeting of the Board – 27 June 2019