The Chief Executive, Directors and Councillors came together on Monday 29 October 2018 for the Council of the Future Board.

The Board heard updates on 2 Council of the Future projects:

  • Payments Review
  • Procurement of the Future

At the meeting it was also noted that both Closer to Home and Bereavement Services Change Fund bids had now been approved, that a bid had been submitted by the SWIS replacement project, and a bid from Digital is expected.

Members of the board were made aware that Services of the Future would be a theme within the 5-year business plans currently being compiled by each service. The theme would help identify, amongst other things, alternative service delivery models and allow parallels to be drawn across services.

A spotlight was then turned onto the Best Value Audit, with Chief Executive Kenneth Lawrie highlighting the need to increase the speed of change.

The next meeting of the Board takes place on Monday 10 December 2018.