There are change agents in every service helping to manage the Council of the Future programme and Make it Happen!

Our change agents are known as CANs.

What is a CAN?

A CAN is a person who sets time aside to help make change happen both in their own area and across the whole Council.

What do CANs do?

There's no job description for being a CAN, but it's about:

  • Communicating with colleagues about what is changing
  • Encouraging people to think positively about change
  • Motivating others to get involved and make change happen
  • Listening to colleagues and getting their views on what changes are needed
  • Thinking critically about what we are doing now and what we need to do differently
  • Challenging the status quo and offering support to colleagues to bring about change
  • Supporting the creation of new ways of doing things
  • Helping to create and sustain a positive culture that embraces change
  • Sharing your ideas and good practice with colleagues

For example, CANs will act as a point of contact for staff to find out more about Council of the Future projects. This might involve speaking to colleagues, attending team meetings or even speaking at events.

CANs will also work with both their colleagues and other CANs to identify what needs to change and make it happen. This might mean changing a process in your team, helping with project work or even organising a Hackathon on a bigger issue that involves people from all different services.

CANs will also get involved in running a number of Council of the Future events, such as the Leadership Forum or Listening Events.

Getting help

If you would like to know who the CANs are in your Service or you think a CAN might be able to help drive an idea forward, please contact the Programme Management Office(PMO) in the fist instance and they will put you in touch with the most suitable CAN.